Growing Significance of Women's Claddagh Ring

The Irish have pulled their own considerable weight to some of the distinct articles that have been embraced by the world. Women’s Claddagh ring is one of such things. The enriching history of these rings can be traced back to the period of Queen Mary II. Some of the modern lore has been set against the backdrop of its rich history. Apart from this, The Claddagh style exemplifies a ring of silver, gold, or other metal, featuring a gemstone or two in its captivating design. Generally, two hands holding up to a crowned heart recognizes the style. Each facet of the ring symbolizes a distinct feature of it, which speaks volumes about history surrounding it over the years.


Manifestation of Love and Bond

With the legend of a story love based upon this Irish styled ring, this symbol of love is viewed as a fitting accompaniment, coupled with Irish Celtic jewellery, for any wedding ceremony or an occasion of engagement. The hands, flanking across the band, symbolizes the offering of service. The heart exemplifies a token of love, and the crown perched atop it adds a final touch to the design as loyalty. This exemplary symbol of eternal love sticks out in fine metals, such as silver, gold, and titanium. Apart from this, there exist a wide range of designs to choose from, ranging from traditional artworks to assortment of stylish art pieces.


Symbolic Significance of Claddagh Rings

A strong liking for these rings as manifestation of love has stood the test of time. Apart from this, symbolism is attached even to the way it is worn. For instance, when worn on the right hand, while the crown faces inward, it implies that the person is taken. On the other hand, if it faces outward when worn, it indicates that a personable is available for dating. Similarly, if the ring faces away from the person when worn on the left hand, it means they are engaged. Moreover, in case it faces towards the wearer, it indicates marriage.   


Opt for Customized Designs and Styles


A number of Claddagh rings Celtic Wedding Bands can be customized to bear a heart-shaped stone setting in the stone of the buyer’s choice. Moreover, these rings can be delivered in custom metals for any occasion. Overlooking the style or fit, the buyer makes it a point to ensure that the ring is a fitting accessory for them and their love.