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Choose from an Array of Irish Home Decor Selections


The options exist in abundance when it comes to Irish home decor items, intended for friends or relatives, on a gift-giving occasion. While some gifts come across as the perfect examples of attention-to-detail, others are available in a wide array of styles and illustrate the Irish culture. These items go right down the alley for individuals who have a penchant for authentic handcrafted articles and legions of options are available to choose from at the disposal of the buyer.


Sort out from Wide Range of Clothing


It is worth noting that Irish clothing brands, in particular, have carried on with the soaring popularity these have garnered over a period of time, especially since these items grabbed enough eyeballs. Generally, it is the case that wool goes into the construction of these clothing items while they feature a captivating knit work. You may opt for a cape, featuring cashmere wool, which is likely to grip the attention of an onlooker by their throat.     


Assortment of Celtic Home Decor Items


There exists a wide array of accessories to opt from. Some of these Irish accessories are green in color and inject a new lease of life into the interior of a house. For instance, a green rug can deck up with a green-colored pillow. In addition, ceramic and pottery are the best examples of Celtic home decor artwork. You may go in for a much sophisticated design. Unlike it, you may latch on to something which falls in line with your creative streak and accords to your interiors.    

Growing Significance of Women's Claddagh Ring

The Irish have pulled their own considerable weight to some of the distinct articles that have been embraced by the world. Women’s Claddagh ring is one of such things. The enriching history of these rings can be traced back to the period of Queen Mary II. Some of the modern lore has been set against the backdrop of its rich history. Apart from this, The Claddagh style exemplifies a ring of silver, gold, or other metal, featuring a gemstone or two in its captivating design. Generally, two hands holding up to a crowned heart recognizes the style. Each facet of the ring symbolizes a distinct feature of it, which speaks volumes about history surrounding it over the years.


Manifestation of Love and Bond

With the legend of a story love based upon this Irish styled ring, this symbol of love is viewed as a fitting accompaniment, coupled with Irish Celtic jewellery, for any wedding ceremony or an occasion of engagement. The hands, flanking across the band, symbolizes the offering of service. The heart exemplifies a token of love, and the crown perched atop it adds a final touch to the design as loyalty. This exemplary symbol of eternal love sticks out in fine metals, such as silver, gold, and titanium. Apart from this, there exist a wide range of designs to choose from, ranging from traditional artworks to assortment of stylish art pieces.


Symbolic Significance of Claddagh Rings

A strong liking for these rings as manifestation of love has stood the test of time. Apart from this, symbolism is attached even to the way it is worn. For instance, when worn on the right hand, while the crown faces inward, it implies that the person is taken. On the other hand, if it faces outward when worn, it indicates that a personable is available for dating. Similarly, if the ring faces away from the person when worn on the left hand, it means they are engaged. Moreover, in case it faces towards the wearer, it indicates marriage.   


Opt for Customized Designs and Styles


A number of Claddagh rings Celtic Wedding Bands can be customized to bear a heart-shaped stone setting in the stone of the buyer’s choice. Moreover, these rings can be delivered in custom metals for any occasion. Overlooking the style or fit, the buyer makes it a point to ensure that the ring is a fitting accessory for them and their love.

Choose from Assorted Irish Wedding Gifts


In the recent past, Irish wedding gifts have been embraced by people across the globe due to their utility, such as glassware. This feature of practicality ensures that a couple will bring it into use from the first day post-wedding. Further, Irish gifts are known to spruce the appearance of your home up.


Here are some of the most popular Irish wedding gifts:


Irish Cultural Books

In case newly married couples are not familiar with Irish culture and heritage, there exist some great books, intended for wedding gifts. Apart from this, if a couple is out to set off on a holiday to Ireland, why not stimulate their interest a notch above with a beautiful coffee table book, laden with spellbinding photographs of Ireland. Such Irish gifts will be welcome additions to the couple’s house and is more than likely to arouse their curiosity in Irish background and culture.


Irish Lucky Charms

Lucky charms are often preferred over the other alternatives for congratulating the couples. Apart from this, lucky charms come in a vast array of options, such as a pendant for the bride-to-be or a paper weight for the couples to set out in their home. Further, creative Irish gifts, such as cufflinks can be given to the groom on engagement, to be worn on a wedding day. Moreover, you can present Irish Celtic jewellery to a bride.


Irish Beer Bucket

The folks of Irish are known for their affinity for great beers and whiskeys. In case your couple have a thing for these types of adult Irish beverages, then giving them an Irish beer bucket for a gift is an exemplary way to celebrate wedding or engagement. There exist a good number of online sellers of Irish items. You can buy an Irish beer bucket online and get it delivered to their home. Apart from this, you can put innovative streak into practice and create your own beer bucket, featuring assorted whiskeys and beers, in addition to drinking accessories such as pint glasses and bottle openers.


Irish Cookbook

An Irish cookbook can be another great gift idea as couple can discover the depths of Irish culinary and learn to cook Irish dishes for guests and for themselves. Apart from this, these Irish cookbooks introduce couples to traditional and assorted Irish foods and drinks recipes. Furthermore, couples can incorporate these authentic Irish cuisines into their daily food regimen.


In the end, it is worth concluding that considering the extensive array of options for Irish gifts, make it a point to make a selection in the light of tastes and preferences of couples.    

Choose from Assortment of Irish Home Decor

There exist choices in abundance when it comes to Irish gift ideas for your relatives or friends. While some gifts are for-instances of great attention-to-detail, others come in diverse styles and truly reflect the Irish culture. As far as individuals, having a thing for the authenticity of handcrafted items, are concerned, assorted options are there to choose from. Moreover, Irish clothing brands have gained huge popularity across the globe in the recent past. Generally, these clothing items are constructed of wool and feature eye-catching knitwear. Apart from this, you may go in for a cape, made of cashmere wool and is certain to arrest the attention of onlookers in an instance.


Home Decor and Accessories


There exists a broad range of accessories to choose from. In many instances, these Irish accessories feature green colour and are intended to infuse a fresh breath of life into the mundane interiors. For instance, a green rug can be teamed up with pillows with hues of green. Apart from this, ceramics and pottery exemplify Irish home decor crafts. Opt into a classic design or something, which sticks out with style and falls in line with your interiors. When it comes to making a choice of a ceramic gift, make it a point to ensure that your selection has been designed by a reputed Irish crafts designer, having an experience in producing fine Celtic home decor pieces. 

In the end, it is worth concluding that with such a vast assortment of items to choose from, make an informed choice when settling on an Irish gift.

The Charm Of Celtic Home Decor

If you have ever been to Ireland, you would know what a charming country it is and the Celtic culture has long been appreciated all over the world. For years, Celtic music and art has enticed people, because there is a certain mystery about it. Today, however, Women's Claddagh Ring are all the rage and a growing number of people are choosing the same for their spouses to be.


There is a reason why people are choosing engagements rings created in Ireland, and the fact that the metals used are always genuine is only one of them. So whether you choose a gold, silver or platinum ring, you can be sure that it will be original. In addition, the gems and stones used in them are also genuine. You will be able to find rings with diamonds, pearls, emeralds, rubies and sapphires and you can be sure that the gems will be one hundred percent original. What is even better is that Celtic jewellery has designs that you will not be able to find anywhere else. This means that the piece you have might not only be special, but also completely unique.


Even if you are looking at changing the way your home looks, there is plenty to choose from Irish and Celtic artefacts. From bowls to plates, glasses to goblets, you can completely change the way your kitchen looks and the manner in which you host dinner parties. There is also much to choose from, when it comes to Celtic home decor. Decorate your Christmas tree this year with ornaments from Ireland and watch it shine with a special charm. You can also find other trinkets, which can make your home look special.


What is great is that today you can find all these products online and no matter which part of the world you are sitting in, getting these Celtic articles is hardly an effort. All you have to do is go online and surf through the truly extensive range; once you have chosen what it is that you want, you can place the order and it will reach you. This ease of shopping is perhaps why a growing number of people are now opting to gift Celtic jewellery and home decor articles for birthdays, anniversaries and even weddings.

If you too are looking for something a little different to gift this year, you might want to consider going the Celtic way.

Irish Celtic Jewellery for Instant Impression

Celtic jewelry is an exemplary manifestation of rich legacy of Celts tradition and heritage. People attach huge significance to Celtic symbols and ornaments, which make them an excellent gifting alternative. Regardless of the gift-giving occasion concerned, be it an anniversary, engagement, or wedding, Irish Celtic jewelry will fill the bill in every regard.


It is worth nothing that exquisite Celtic jewelry comes in options in abundance, featuring Celtic cross necklace, skull and cross bones, crystal claw, and pearl tooth designs. Such designs are incorporated into earrings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings, among others.


Here are some of the advantages of Celtic jewelries:



Sterling silver is an exemplary medium to materialize the Celtic artwork. It is worth noting that Celtic symbols stick out with gleaming effect when they are constructed of sterling silver. Apart from this, these jewelleries are made available at cost-effective rates, compared to jewelleries made of other expensive metals such as platinum and gold.


Ease of Availability

Wide array of online stores are laden with Celtic ornaments of varied ilk, be it for personal use or gifting. Moreover, online stores stock multitude of sparkling designs at competitive prices. In addition, you can acquire customized ornaments as well in accordance with your taste and special liking for a design. Also, jewelry designing is an intricate art and a lot of painstaking efforts are invested into materializing these designs.


Turn to Internet for Jewelry Shopping


These fashionable Celtic jewelries can spruce your appearance up to cut the dash on the onlookers or individuals, who have turned up for the occasion. Moreover, it is worth noting that these jewelries effortlessly fall in line with any outfit and befits whatever accessories they are accompanied with. The internet is the place to be for sorting out a wide selection of Celtic jewelry articles. Moreover, you can list the items available with a particular seller, on the basis of various specifications including but not limited to material, size, design, and pricing. Some of these sellers also deal in Irish clothing brands



Look Through Reviews and Testimonials

Make it a point to make a thorough perusal of reviews and testimonials available on the website of the company. These reviews fill the readers in about quality of services delivered by the company. Further, it is worth noting that these reviews are posted by the clients, who have bought jewelry items from these sellers in the past and write these reviews as feedbacks concerning their experiences about a jeweller.         

Aspects of Celtic Engagement Rings

Customized Celtic engagement rings have seized a market segment and have run its rivals in the mass market off the board. Customization is put into these rings to accord to ring wearer’s style, taste, and size. In addition, there exists a wide range of Celtic design elements to choose from. However, it is worth noting that painstaking efforts are employed into turning out these Celtic rings and manufacturing of these rings is an intricate process. Also, the whole process of Irish Celtic jewelry manufacturing is carried out under the discerning supervision of a Celtic jewelry specialist.



Principally, there are four stages in the manufacturing of Celtic engagement ring:




Celtic jewelers employ a team of in-house jewelry designers, specializing in different facets of ring design, building on Old Celtic manuscripts. In addition, Designing is a crucial cog in the process of manufacturing as due efforts during the designing process ensures that the final product is perfect to a fault and looks soothing to the eyes. Moreover, there are certain considerations which are looked into before the designing process comes into play, including symmetry, diamond cut, and band size, among others.




The Celtic jewelry goldsmith is entrusted with the task of assembling ring castings. Further, assembling a Celtic ring calls for three parts i.e. the trinity shoulders, the shank, and the center mount. Once the shank is secured, each piece undergoes soldering and transfixed onto the shank, beginning with the center mount.



Diamond Setting


Measurement of the diamond ensures that diamond is fitted into the mount correctly. In addition, the diamond jeweler employs a visual inspection on the diamond position to ensure that it is perfect. In the ensuing process, the claws pushed into place. Subsequently, each claw is pushed down for maintaining a level position of diamond in the center mount. In order to ensure that there is no gap between the diamond and the ring, each prong is filed down before being rounded off.





Until polishing goes into effect, the gold does not give off a shine like others available in jewelry stores. Polishing draws out the underneath beauty of a ring. In the first phase, a mechanical polisher featuring a narrow bristle is utilized for refining the head of the ring. In the next stage of polishing, a polishing buff removes rough spots along the shank of the ring. Lastly, a firm felt smooths out the sides of the ring to pull out the glistening precious metal.

Latch Onto a Handmade Celtic Cross Necklace


Handmade crafts have been around since time immemorial.A treasured legacy which has lingered over the passage of time, the handloom industry has been through a constant evolution anda rapid diversification as it has occupied a considerable segment of major economies of the world. Generally, handmade crafts, like a men’s claddagh ring, befit handy and cost-effective gifting options as these commodities last for a good number of years and give off aesthetic charm which stays impervious to the test of time. Further, it enhances the gift-giving experience, unlike other contemporary gifting alternatives ranging from electronic toys to modern gadgets.


Vast Range of Selections

In addition, it is the case that these humble articles, such as a celtic cross necklace, feature distinctive selections, which come in abundance and a pick can be made to satiate a taste bud of every conceivable kind. It is worth noting that adept craftsmen employ their exceptionaland rich skills into turning out these handmade crafts. Considering the fact that an element of creativity sets these gifting options apart from the others, more and more numbers of people leap at them when it comes to a gift-giving occasion.


Environment-friendly Approach


These handmade crafts, including celtic wedding bands, utilize natural materials and are thereby considered by many as environment-friendly entities. Apart from this, these commodities last for a good number of years and may be passed down as heirlooms for the coming generations. Moreover, these products do not pose a threat of any nature to our environment and prompt awareness among the multitude for the preservation of nature by making a recourse to such products in favour of their bio-hazardous counterparts. Furthermore, as far as these crafts are concerned, it is a stereotype of age-old tradition and skills brought together, which enhances their value a notch above. In addition, this cherished art reflects a rich legacy of skills which have been acquired and handed down through families of craftsmen for generations. As a result, crafts-making techniques have acquired tinkering over the generations, leading to more diversified products.


This rich art has lost its prominence in the recent past as it is in the face of being overshadowed by its competing industries which seem to deepen their claw on the market segment as time has rolled by. This has come off courtesy of the lack of effective marketing strategies. However, as more and more numbers of people turn towards handmade crafts, this art will continue to hold on to the market segment, even though by sober fingernails.